Unilux IP65-rated LEDBeacon strobe helps tocheck PM formation,vibration

Saddle Brook, NJ-based Unilux, a designer and manufacturer of inspection strobes, announces that itsLED Beacon isnow IP65-rated(water and pulp-resistant). The strobeis used to “freeze” motion up to 15 ft (4.6 m)away, allowing mill personnel to evaluate critical processes at full production speed.

“The LED Beacon was the first LED strobepowerful enough to “throw” light across an entire paper machine, while providing all the benefits associated with LEDs,” said Mike Simonis,president, Unilux. “This achievement is a resultof our persistence to create the most durable,most dependable inspection strobe for our customers.”

Unilux says the LED Beacon is a versatile inspection strobe light ideal for evaluating 39processes from the head box to the rewinder. Itis the only portable inspection strobe with anIP65 rating for resistance to splash and pulp.

Unilux, www.feltest.com

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