Maxcess Fife DST-1 recognizeswide range of web products

MAXCESS, OKLAHOMACity, OK, a producerof products and services for web handling applications, says its Fife DST-1object-recognition sensor usesstate-of-the-art technology toguide the most challenging materials that other sensors cannot recognize.

Maxcess launched the product at the ICE Europe andIDEA USA exhibitions inMarch.

Utilizing multiple camerasfor object-based recognition,the DST-1 is able to guide awide range of materials frommesh to wire gauge and frayedmaterials that, according toMaxcess, infrared, ultrasonic,line guide and other opticalsensors have traditionallyfailed.

The DST-1 requires no external light source or reflectorand offers the ability to detectthe web from one side. In addition, with an intuitive touchscreen for set-up andcalibration, changing materialsis easy. From mesh to wiregauge and frayed materials,challenging materials are noproblem for the DST-1.

DST-1 Specifications: Operating temperature: 0 to 60°C(32 to 140°F); Sensor dimensions: 112x34x18 mm(4.4x1.3x0.7 in.); OI dimensions: 156x126x66 mm(6.1x5x2.6 in.); Sensor’s working spectrum: NIR (near infrared); OI display type: Colortouchscreen 480x272 pix; Sensor update range: 83 Hz; Operating current: 24 VDC/0.3A,12 VDC/0.35A; Voltage inputrange: 10-26 VDC; Analog output range: 0-20 mA (at nominal load 100 Ω); Field of view(at distance): 70 mm (at 20mm) to 250 mm (at 250 mm);Resolution (at distance): 0.167mm (at 20 mm) IP Rating: IP54

• Other new Maxcess products at ICE and IDEA includedtechnology from its range ofbrands.

Fife — Enhanced digitalsensor technology with theDSE-17 and SE-45 wide-bandsensor and highlights of the D-MAX Enhanced, featuring advanced networkability withProfiNet, EtherNet/IP andEtherCAT. Tidland — ControlSeries electronic knifeholder,an all-electronic knifeholderthat offers auto-calibration ofside-force and blade-overlap toincrease slit accuracy and consistency.

MAGPOWR — DLCA-NET,a tension amplifier with networking capabilities offeringthe ability to transmit calibrated tension values overcommunications, CSR and ISRtension sensing idler rolls, andthin load cells.

Webex — New CF carbonfiber low-inertia idler roll.

Menges Roller — Advancedheat-transfer roll technology.

Componex – WINertia™dead shaft idlers which maintain constant traction on high-speed webs and include built-in“air vents” that, says Maxcess,removes trapped air 7.5 timesfaster than any other idlerroller on the market.

Maxcess International,

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