Hyster-Yale, Honeywell collaborate onsemi-autonomous lift truck technology

Greenville, NC-based Hyster-YaleGroup, Inc. is to collaborate withHoneywell to develop a new line ofindustry-first pallet trucks controlled by voice technology.

The semi-autonomous lifttrucks will be equipped to integratewith the Honeywell Vocollect, avoice system that helps workersimprove accuracy and productivitythrough voice interactions to verbally control the pallet truck’s horizontal movement, saving steps,freeing their hands and allowingthem to focus on value-addedtasks.

Designed primarily for low-levelpick activities, the voice-directedpallet trucks will benefit a widerange of applications and industries including general warehousing and distribution.

“Low level order picking canrepresent up to 70% of labor costsin the average warehouse operation. Our studies showed that bycontrolling movements of a Hysteror a Yalepallet truck through voicecommands in order-picking applications, customers can improve operator productivity up to 20%,”said David Furman, president ofmarketing for Hyster-Yale Group.

“Honeywell Vocollect voice solutions are innovative workflowperformance technologies custom-designed for warehouse and distribution center workers. With ourunparalleled speech recognitiontechnology, workers can communicate with the system in noisy environments to keep their hands andeyes free,” said Bill Birnie, generalmanager of voice solutions forHoneywell Safety and ProductivitySolutions (SPS).

SPS provides products, softwareand connected solutions that improve productivity, workplacesafety and asset performance. Aswell as mobile devices, it offerssoftware, cloud technology and automation solutions, personal protective equipment and gas detection technology, andcustom-engineered sensors,switches and controls.

Hyster-Yale Group, Inc. designs,engineers, manufactures, sells andservices lift trucks and aftermarketparts marketed primarily under theHyster and Yale brand names. Subsidiaries of Hyster-Yale Group include Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, analternative-power technology company focused on fuel cell stacksand engines, and Bolzoni SpA, aproducer of attachments, forks andlift tables marketed under the Bolzoni, Auramo and Meyerbrandnames. Hyster-Yale also has jointventures in Japan (SumitomoNACCO) and China (Hyster-YaleMaximal). Hyster-Yale Group, Inc.is a wholly owned subsidiary ofHyster-Yale Materials Handling,Inc. (NYSE:HY), Cleveland, OH.


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