Triosim buys MTR Martco

Triosim Corp., Appleton, WI, a North American technology and process optimization specialist for the pulpand paper industry, has acquired MTR Martco, LLC,Middletown, OH.

MTR Martco supplies stock-prep technologies, upgrades and optimization services, rebuilds and spareparts for the pulp and paper industry throughout theUS, Mexico and Canada. It joins Triosim’s diverse organization of businesses throughout the US andCanada. MTR Martco offers: rotor rebuilds; on-siteprecision mechanical maintenance services; stock prepdrive rebuilds; extraction plate, recondition, design,and manufacturing; high-efficiency rotors (new andconversions); screening parts; in-house design and fabrication of new stock preparation equipment; other rebuilds.

Triosim provides technologies, upgrades andprocess optimization services, rebuilds and spare partsfor the pulp and paper industry. It focuses on: pulpwashing; woven machine fabrics; stock prep; on-sitemechanical maintenance services; metrology; non-destructive testing and finishing equipment.

In Canada, Triosim is located in Prince George, BC,and its key US locations are in Appleton, WI, Jacksonville and Panama City, FL, Star City, AR, Vancouver, WA, Middletown, OH, and Carrollton, GA.

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