Stora Enso invests in formed fiber solutions

Stora Enso is investing €5 million in a new production lineand related infrastructure tomanufacture formed fiberproducts at Hylte mill in Sweden. The technology enablesmanufacturing of products thatare designed for “circularity”,meaning that they are renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and do not contain anyplastic. First products are expected to be on the market bythe end of 2019.

The company says the investment further strengthensits opportunities to replace fossil-based products and reduceplastic waste. The company recently joined the New PlasticsEconomy Global Commitmentto eliminate plastic waste andpollution at the source (SeeIssue Highlight Recycling).

Formed fiber products aremanufactured from variouschemical pulps and CTMP bypressing it into a desired shapein a molding machine. The rawmaterial is pulp made fromwood from FSC and PEFC certified, traceable sources in Sweden and Finland. Stora Ensowill manufacture the raw material at its mills in Sweden andFinland and do the convertingat Hylte mill. The initial annual capacity during the pilotstage will be about 50 millionunits of product with the intention to expand.

The production line will beoperated by a new businessunit for formed fiber whichwill also conduct research anddevelopment of new formedfiber materials and technologies. Potential products includesingle-use food packaging itemssuch as plastic-free cups, bowls,clamshells, plates and coffee-cup lids as well as non-food applications, responding to theneeds of eco-conscious consumers looking for more environmentally friendlyalternatives to plastic.

Hylte mill producesnewsprint based on TMP andrecycled fiber, and has experience of putting new productiontechnologies into use, as StoraEnso’s biocomposite granulesproduction line was inaugurated at the mill in 2018.

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