Arctic Paper offers G-Snow:an ultra-white paper ofexceptional quality

Swedish papermaker Arctic Paper SA has introduced G-snow– the new, ultra-white, high-quality coated paper developedfor print experts who work with high circulations and yet always aim to deliver exceptional results.

Arctic Paper produces high-quality graphical fine paper inEurope; it has three paper mills and four strong, eco-friendlybrands, Amber, Arctic, Munken and the new coated paperbrand G. Most of the products are sold through its 14 salesoffices in Europe. It is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchangeand NASDAQ in Stockholm. The Group is the main ownerof the listed Swedish pulp producer Rottneros AB.

Arctic Paper says G-Snow offers a brilliant white shade,smooth surface, true stiffness and excellent print results. Itoffers good run characteristics, reliability, trouble-free processing and a wide range of applications. It is made in a carbon-neutral production process.

The smooth, reflection-free surface, gives G-Snow papera distinctive identity with a unique, premium feel. Its highbulk and strength guarantee stiffness even at a lower grammage.

G-Snow is a wood-free printing paper with an ultra-whitefinish; colors and contrast pop and details are highlightedwith precision. Consistent runnability, fast ink absorptionand high image quality are inherent to G-Snow paper – helping printers to manage high-volume jobs more efficiently andwith less stress, while still delivering incredible prints andmaintaining superior standards.

G-Snow is versatile and can be used for company reports,high-quality catalogues, art books, flyers, exclusive mailingsand brochures. G-Snow can also be used in combination withArctic Paper’s Amber Graphic, as they share the same whiteshade.

G-Snow, made in Sweden, is available as FSC® and PEFC™certified, PEFC/05-33-98.

Arctic Paper’s newly appointed sales team in North America is AmerLink Paper Sales, 112 Commons Court, ChaddsFord, PA 19317; phone +1-610-358-4080 or contact KarenThompson.

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