New Andritz VST dewatering technology at ZellstoffPöls

Graz, Austria-based Andritz has successfully started up its latest innovation in dewatering – the Vertical ScrewThickener(VST) – at ZellstoffPöls AG, Austria. TheVST has been operating successfully sincethe beginning of December 2018 and supplying the existing MG paper productionline PM2 with the maximum capacity of 360t/d.

The pioneering VST is a screw press witha vertical configuration and a very smallfootprint, making it suitable for retrofit installations in existing buildings. The pulpsuspension is fed into the top of the machineand its downward transport is gravity-assisted. At ZellstoffPöls, the VST is situatedjust before the finished pulp storage tankthat feeds the paper production line andthus enables separation of the pulp mill andpaper machine water loops.

The VST dewaters the pulp suspensionfrom 3% inlet to 25-30% outlet consistency;the water removed is recycled and re-used inthe pulp mill. The ability to dewater from low-consistencyinlet to high-consistency discharge is an important advantage compared to conventional dewateringequipment. Paper machine water is added tothe dilution conveyor after the VST. Separation of the water loops results in savings inpaper additives (e.g. sizing agent) at thepaper machine. The ZellstoffPöls VST replaces an existing gravity table and feeds theMG paper production line for PM2.


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