With high-quality seams, Voith MultiFlex Advance andPrintFlex Advance press fabrics raise productivity

Voith’s North American operationis offering its enhanced Advanceline of press fabrics for paper mills,namely the MultiFlex Advance andthe PrintFlex Advance, which, itsays, offer exceptional dewateringproperties. Only available in NorthAmerica, the press fabrics feature atop quality seam and are resilientand compaction-resistant throughtheir expected lifetime.

Voith says the Advance serieslowers resource use while improving sheet quality and reducing installation times. The fabrics aredesigned to provide faster break-inperiods at lower vacuums and canbe tailored to suit specific needs.

The benefits are applicable fortwo key paper manufacturing categories. MultiFlex Advance is for producers ofkraft liner board, medium, corrugated medium,gypsum and white top liner. PrintFlex Advanceis for all graphic grade paper production, including uncoated free-sheet paper.

Voith Paper, www.voith.com/advancefabrics

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