ExAccuWeb: New web guide controllerhas advanced technology

Madison, WI-based AccuWeb says its new AccuNET combines superior speed with advancedtechnology in a web guide controller availablewith a 5-in. touchscreen, a switch-pad HMI ora sealed enclosure for DIN rail mounting.

Its closed-loop, 32-bit processing is designed to deliver faster response times whencontrolling brushed or brushless actuator motors. The 24-Vdc AccuNET controller readilyintegrates with existing PLC control systemsand most popular fieldbus networks, including Ethernet IP, ProfiNET, EtherCAT andModbus TCP.

Equipped with AccuWeb’s DualEdge technology for centerline guiding with a singleWideArray, the AccuNET controller is alsocapable of web oscillation, electronic guide-point adjustment, web width measurementand web position monitoring.

AccuWeb, www.AccuWeb.com

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