Andritz PrimeLineTEXproduces textured tissue

ANDRITZ, GRAZ, AUSTRIA, SAYSITSnew PrimeLineTEX lets customers produce textured tissueof a quality superior to dry crepe andvery close to structured (TAD) tissuewhile at the same time achieving significant cost savings.

PrimeLineTEX is available in widthsof 5.6 or 2.8 m and produces high-quality towel and sanitary tissue. The machine offers up to 25% fiber savingscompared to dry crepe and consumes upto 50% less energy than a TAD machine, says Andritz.

Amongst other benefits, the PrimeLineTEX is substantially shorter inlength than other market solutions anduses only one additional fabric insteadof two. It can also switch between theproduction of textured and dry crepetissue more quickly than comparable solutions, says Andritz.

As a turnkey supplier, Andritz canoffer the complete textured tissue production line including stock preparation, pumps and the automationsystem.


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