Valmet on-line performance monitoring for Mercer Stendal pulp mill

Valmet and Mercer Group have signed an agreement for on-line performance monitoring for nine Valmet TwinRoll wash presses at the Mercer Stendal mill in Germany. The one-year agreement has an option of being extended. During this period, Valmet and Mercer will cooperate to further develop fleet management with respect to predictive maintenance and reliability.

Mercer Stendal is in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The plant has a capacity of 660,000 tonnes/year of NBSK pulp and an electricity generation capacity of 148 MW. It also produces turpentine and tall oil.

The on-line system monitors individual functions of the wash presses through advanced data analysis which generates status reports displayed on dashboards. If any monitored function goes outside the operating limits, an event is triggered and recorded, which enables issues to be predicted and corrected rapidly.

The aim is to monitor performance to gain more up-time and save chemicals. The wash presses will be connected to the Valmet Performance Center, allowing Valmet to provide Mercer Stendal with the services of experts from different fields, who can provide support to ensure rapid response times and appropriate solutions.


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