ABB digital services help increase mill productivity

ABB, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, recently added its ABB AbilityTM Collaborative Operations to its service deliverables at a major paper mill in East Java, Indonesia. The site produces printing and writing papers, other paper-related products and packaging products including cardboard boxes. With a capacity of 320,000 tonnes/y, the mill is one of the world’s largest single-site producers of writing stationery.

Automating production requires processing large amounts of data. As complexity increases, so does the volume of data. ABB says Collaborative Operations helps paper producers to make productive use of these data to identify and address production, quality and cost issues that can inhibit peak performance: this improves return on capital. Collaborative Operations helps to maximize business value by turning data insights into direct action.

At the mill, Collaborative Operations is reducing cycle times on product grade changes, resulting in higher production. It is also stabilizing moisture and other additive levels using multivariable predictive controls. ABB says that specific improvements include increased production due to higher equipment availability, fewer sheet breaks, lower chemical costs and reduced paper quality variation. These improvements all lead to better product quality and consistency, fewer rejects and more sales.

The project builds upon ABB’s 15-year history of delivering traditional and advanced services to the mill. ABB has three Collaborative Operations Centers dedicated to pulp and paper industry customers in Finland, the United States and Singapore, as well as many more that serve other industry segments. All three pulp and paper centers may be involved with delivering advanced services to this mill in order to build on various skill sets in each region.

ABB Ability Collaborative Operations is an Internet- of-Things application and is part of the portfolio of ABB Ability digital solutions. Collaborative Operations provides performance management, remote monitoring and preventive analysis technologies to improve security, efficiency and productivity in various industries. ABB Ability Collaborative Operations Centers connect people in enterprise-wide production facilities and headquarters to ABB’s technology and expertise.


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