BTG full fiberline optimization for Suzano, Limeira, Brazil

Switzerland-based BTG will supply Suzano Pulp and Paper with instruments and advanced process controls for its Limeira Fiberline C.

The order includes one Single Point Kappa analyzer (SPK-5500) to measure digester blow-line kappa, one MEK consistency transmitter for digester production calculation and consistency control, two Dissolved Lignin Transmitters (DLT- 5500) in brown-stock washing to measure carry-over, two Bleach Load Transmitters (BLT-5500) to measure the total kappa and one Brightness Transmitter (BT-5500) for final brightness measurement in the bleach plant.

In addition to the instrumentation, BTG will deliver its MACSbleach process optimization solution to optimize chemical use and reduce final brightness variability. The contract was signed in September 2018; instrument start-up was scheduled for the beginning of February 2019.

• Suzano Pulp and Paper recently combined its operations with those of Fibria to create Brazil’s fourth most valuable company (excluding financial institutions). The production capacity will be 11 million tons/y of market pulp and 1.4 million tons of paper with about 37,000 direct and indirect employees and 11 manufacturing units able to supply over 90 countries.


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