Wagner Logstackers offer safety, versatility

Allied Systems Co., Sherwood, OR, says its new, purpose-built Wagner 2WD and 4WD wide-track design Logstackers are the safest, most productive and most economical singlepass log-handling machines available. Operating capacities range from 60,000 to 160,000 lb, with even higher tipping capacities.

Operator safety and visibility are major features: the consistent distance from load center to counterweight throughout the turning radius avoids any loss of capacity while maneuvering the machine. Other features include: load-sense hydraulics; faster hoist speeds; an oil-free cab; ground-level service bays; dual lighted stairways. From log yards — where speed and maneuverability are important — to large mills in remote locations unloading rail car loads, 4WD Logstackers offer increased traction and minimum rut formation in unimproved yards. With a wider front tire set and narrower back tire set, the 4WD series has four separate lines of ground-contact for more traction and less damage to the yard.

Allied Systems, www.alliedsystems.com

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