Zircon and ZirconHigh: New CleanWeave dryer fabrics from Voith

Heidenheim, Germany-based Voith says that with Zircon and ZirconHigh are two new members in its CleanWeave product family. The dryer fabrics target an extended service life in a medium hot environment.

Whereas Zircon has a dense weave structure with lower air permeability, ZirconHigh features open weave for higher air flows. Both fabrics meet the requirements for resistance to hydrolysis and abrasion. As a result they allow for long service lives even in very challenging dryer sections. The dryer fabrics are particularly suitable for board and packaging paper machines where the conditions are often hotter and more humid than other situations.

Voith says that the unique Clean- Weave product range has minimal intersection points and a low internal void area to prevent the accumulation of contamination in the dryer fabrics ensuring they are easy to clean. Continuous flexing around rolls and cylinders means that contamination is also worked out of the fabric so that the fabrics maintain their cleanliness and drying efficiency over their entire lifetime.

Voith Paper, www.voith.com

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