Mercer buys DMI

VANCOUVER, BC-BASEDMERCER International Inc. now owns Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. (DMI) whose holdings include 100% of a BKP mill in Peace River, AB, and a 50% interest in the Cariboo Pulp and Paper Company, a joint venture with West Fraser Mills which operates a BKP pulp mill in Quesnel, BC..

According to CEO David M. Gandossi the acquisition increases Mercer’s “current Canadian operations and presence in Asia and expands our product offering to include northern bleach hardwood kraft pulp.”

In October 2018, Mercer acquired the Santanol Group, which owns and leases Indian sandalwood plantations and a processing and extraction plant in North West Australia. The solid wood chemical extractives are used in fragrances and cosmetics. Indian sandalwood is a highly prized species sold for religious and decorative uses in Asia.

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