Stora Enso, Telia developing AR and 5G technology: First tests at Oulu using real-time mill maintenance information

The application of augmented reality (AR) and virtual models will in the future enable the more rapid use of, for example, maintenance information at Stora Enso mills. Augmented reality refers to a view that can be augmented by elements produced using computer graphics which are examined through displays.

Using a virtual model of a machine and real-time data concerning information points, can improve the operational reliability of the mills.

“Stora Enso has an extensive digitalization program, which aims to increase sales and boost our operations on our journey to replace fossil-based materials. Through our digitalization program, we have become pioneers in our industry in the utilization of new technology,” says Teemu Salmi, Stora Enso’s CIO and Head of Digitalization.

Through the new technology, all necessary information is easily and visually at the disposal of experts in real-time, regardless of physical location. The approaching introduction of fast 5G technology together with AR and VR technology and 360° views will enable rapid, real-time utilization by experts between different units, irrespective of geographical distance.

Says Janne Koistinen, Head of the 5G program at Telia Finland, ”With our pilot (systems) in Oulu, we have explored the area where IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G solutions will most likely produce the first breakthroughs in introducing new, more effective processes. Solutions based on the collection, transfer and analysis of real-time data are the key to renewing industrial processes.” Telia Finland is a new-generation telco with both local and international connections. It is part of the international Telia Company which operates in 11 countries from Norway to Turkey.

Stora Enso, Telia Co.,

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