GLV FlexTrim tail cutter designed for hot, wet situations

GL&V, Nashua, NH, says its FlexTrim tail cutter is designed to operate at the end of the forming section or into the press section.

All components are selected to work in a wet-end environment and can work near a steam box where temperatures can reach up to 212°F (100°C).

A totally enclosed, pressurized drive section protects the motor and clutch assembly from the harsh mill environment.

The drive section is also skid-mounted and easily removable for off-machine maintenance.

The sheet is cut with a high-pressure water jet. The jet nozzle can be oriented for either upward or downward cuts. Smooth and precise carriage travel ensures a clean cut.

The FlexTrim design allows for several control and travel-speed options and is adaptable to any machine width.


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