Restore, protect sprinkler systems with CuraPoxy FS epoxy

CuraFlo Services LLChas developed an epoxy which meets or exceeds all of the stringent ICC-listed Fire Sprinkler Pipe Systems Epoxy criteria with its proprietary CuraPoxy FS epoxy. The listing is available at loads/2018/09/ICC-ES-PMG-1491-Fire-Suppression-Certifi cate.pdf.

Wet and dry fire sprinkler systems are prone to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and rust which lead to the thinning of pipe walls, pinhole leaks, obstruction and, sometimes, failure of the system. Maintaining a fire sprinkler system is imperative for the protection of large residential, commercial and industrial buildings. In most cases, using CuraPoxyFS will be more cost-effective and less intrusive compared to traditional re-piping of fire sprinkler systems, says the company.

With over 20 years experience in epoxy lining restoration services, CuraFlo has expanded these services to large residential, commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems throughout the North American market. CuraFlo offers its specially formulated CuraPoxy FS as a long-term solution with an industry leading 20-year warranty.

CuraFlo has offices in Burnaby, BC, Canada, and Mesa, AZ, USA.

CuraFlo Services LLC,

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