SDT announces the SDT340 and UAS4.0 for cloud-connected condition monitoring

SDT, a Belgium-based ultrasound solutions company has launched the SDT340 data collector and UAS4.0 which, together, form a cloud-connected condition monitor that combines ultrasound, vibration, temperature and rpm in one diagnostic package. Ultrasound and vibration are the two most relevant indicators of asset condition especially where the assessment of bearing and gear health are concerned.

Both parameters are measured with crystal clear clarity using the SDT340’s focUS mode which allows the capture of long data samples with 32-k, 64-k, 128-k or 256-k resolution to reveal defects others cannot, says SDT.

Data acquisition time is adjustable from a few seconds to 10 minutes. This allows the inspection of ultra-slow-speed systems or even machines that do not fully rotate. The 4.5+GB internal storage means never having to worry about memory or fumbling for data storage cards.

The 3.5-in.-diagonal color display works in split-screen mode, recalls historical measurements and displays the time waveform and spectrum with live, scalable X-Y axis.

UAS4.0 is a scalable, multitechnology, multi-platform software to manage and analyze SDT340’s data. Users can choose a stand-alone installation, a fully networkable server option or host asset condition data in the cloud.

Custom adaptors allow data to flow seamlessly to UAS4.0 from other technologies making it the central repository for asset condition information.

SDT International,

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