Staples is new global Vp, water, at Buckman

Memphis, TN-based Buckman has appointed Christine Staples as Global VP of the Water Division. Her focus will be to deliver growth through innovation, customer relationships, partnerships and sustainable value delivery across the global water industry.

Staples spent over 20 years at Ecolab where she held executive positions in both the water and energy industries with roles in sales, supply chain, marketing, strategic planning and leading regional and global business units.

Most recently, she was Global GM in Nalco Champion and was instrumental in launching initiatives to drive growth for the TIORCO, UltraFab and Flexsorb business units. Before joining Ecolab, Staples worked in environmental consulting for Shepherd Miller (Tetra Tech).

• Buckman says its Oxamine® is the most stable microbicide and is unaffected by the high organic oxidant demand that often plagues pulp and paper mills. It says that whether utilities suffer from high pH, manganese, iron or biological demand, Oxamine can effectively control the broad spectrum of microorganisms to keep water and equipment clean. It also cuts chlorine use by 60-70% with a dosage one-third that of other microbicides and allows coagulants and flocculants to work to their full potential, reducing and stabilizing water turbidity.

In addition, Oxamine is said to be safer than chlorine gas and doesn’t contain trihalomethanes (THMs), byproducts of chlorine gas, bromine or bleach treatments, which means no regulatory reporting.


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