Auburn FilterSense offers baghouse efficiency and compliance

Auburn FilterSense, LLC, Danvers, MA, says that companies trying to balance the tasks of keeping particulate emissions as low as possible to comply with EPA and local regulations while minimizing baghouse downtime and expenses can use its baghouse controls to help to satisfy regulatory requirements and also to increase operating efficiency.

Such controls include:

• Advanced filter leak, solenoid and diaphragm diagnostics by row;
• Reduced baghouse compressed air and energy use:
• Extended filter media life and lower cost of maintenance attached to replacements;
• Automated regulatory inspection requirements.

Auburn FilterSense offers an example of how one of its baghouse controls systems was successfully implemented by Specialty Minerals (SMI), at a plant in Massachusetts.

Faced with 120 dust collectors and state DEP regulations to record differential pressure and visible emissions from each, SMI decided to not just meet the standards but exceed them.

As a result, the system it chose reduced energy use by 60%, reduced baghouse filter media costs by 40%, eliminated daily Method 22 visual inspections and simplified compliance reporting.

The end result was $765,000 in annual operating savings and a $600,000 energy rebate.

• Auburn FilterSense LLC, Beverly, MA, is the result of the October 2017 merger of Auburn Systems and FilterSense to provide particulate monitors and intelligent controls for filtration systems (baghouses, dust collectors etc.) and related material flow processes. Auburn Systems invented triboelectric particulate flow monitoring.

FilterSense has been a pioneer in advancing particulate monitoring and intelligent filtration control.

Auburn FilterSense LLC,

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