Komax desuperheaters have no moving parts

Komax Systems, Huntington Beach, CA, make desuperheaters that utilize a different type of cooling compared to conventional desuperheaters and have no moving parts.

Using a low pressure spray nozzle rather than a high pressure nozzle, they inject a cone of cooling water (or cooling fluid) upstream to begin the cooling process.

Steam then interacts with the cooling water, forcing it downstream and through a patented Equalizer™ mixing module.

The water is then violently mixed with the steam, cooking the steam to the desired temperature.

The Equalizer ™ is outfitted with six mixing chambers, each with their own helical mixing element. The mixing chambers create an ideal environment for the water to be absorbed by the steam, according to Komax.

The Komax desuperheaters can be installed horizontally or vertically and with no thermal liners required.

Other advantages include:
• low pressure drop
• high turnbown capacity 20:1 with an appropriate control valve
• butt weld ends or flanged to ANSI 150,300,600,900, and 2500 Or DIN PIN 10,16,40,64,100.

MTR Martco, www.mtrmartco.com

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