Esko brings proactive approach to flow control

Burnaby, BC-based Esko Pacific offers a proactive approach to downtime reduction which, they say, can go a long way towards the goal of keeping processes running smoothly and continuously. Unplanned downtime is expensive and disruptive.

Five ways to optimize process uptime

• Event tracking – investing in keeping track of event frequency and the cause of every single downtime event is inexpensive in comparison to losses from unplanned downtime. Taking the next step to periodically analyze those event stats can uncover trends and keep those unplanned emergencies at bay.

First responders – tapping into the operators’ knowledge about handling their machines exposes a wealth of information. Training operators to recognize problems early and engaging them in ongoing maintenance provides both an early warning system and a roster of qualified first responders who can keep problems from spiraling into full production stops.

• Preventative maintenance – prevention trumps reaction. Having a program of regular inspection, monitoring, oiling and greasing can make a big difference in reducing downtime event frequency.

• Bracing for breakdown – having a pre-determined protocol for what to do in case of a breakdown will save trouble and delays when one actually happens. Systematically thinking through what needs to happen in various scenarios will guide the process of making sure everything is ready go to in the event of a brekdown.

• Quality products, quality parts on hand – investing in quality products and keeping spare parts on hand is an investment in reducing downtime events, increasing efficiency, and meeting production goals. Having a ready-to-go unit or spare parts on the shelf can turn those potential events into non-events.

Esko Pacific has specialized in flow meters for pulp-paper industry applications over 35 years with quality products for measuring and monitoring flows, managing water consumption, oil lubrication monitoring, grease lubrication, felt guide tracking, and level and pressure monitoring. Ongoing product support and prompt delivery of meters and parts when unexpected events strike helps keep downtime disruptions to a minimum.

Esko Pacific,

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