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Voith Paper notes that by individually setting the height and angle of its VForm hydrofoils, the activity of the pulp suspension can be adjusted precisely which increases the dewatering capacity and improves paper strength.

The optional integration with Com- Core – Voith Paper’s automation platform specially developed to meet the needs of the paper industry — makes VForm a Papermaking 4.0 solution.

Voith says that the new hydrofoils let papermakers improve the quality of all grades of paper in the wire section. Unlike conventional dewatering systems the VForm allows the height and angle to be set for each individual hydrofoil. This increases the activity in the fiber suspension which leads to a significant increase in the dewatering capacity.

Every VForm hydrofoil can be adjusted by up to 5 mm height and angled by up to 7 deg. The adjustment can be made manually but to obtain consistently high paper quality, the positioning of the hydrofoils needs to be adapted to the paper grade so it makes sense to install an electrical control system.

The VForm foils can be adjusted for the specific grade using the Comcore automation platform. This also makes it possible to react to process fluctuations. Through the interaction of height and angle adjustments in connection with ComCore, VForm simultaneously combines three setting options that make it possible to increase paper quality.

A benefit of VForm therefore is that it helps to reduce the use of starch and other chemicals in paper production. Integration in ComCore also increases process reliability because the mill can store the ideal VForm setting for each paper grade and setting is then automatic.

Since it is possible to adjust each individual foil, papermakers have much more freedom compared to conventional systems when it comes to achieving the desired paper quality. It also means more flexibility during paper production. Adjusting the dewatering system precisely results in better homogenization of the fiber suspension, thereby leading to greater paper strength, says Voith.

“With the new VForm hydrofoil from Voith, we are achieving greater dewatering capacity and better formation. At the same time, we have been able to increase the static strength properties and obtain improved pulp orientation,” says Andy Diedrich, production manager at Schönfelder Papierfabrik where VForm has been in operation on PM 1 since March 2017.

VForm is delivered completely preassembled with hydrofoil boxes or as a retrofit of existing dewatering boxes. On Schönfelder’s PM 1, three conventional boxes were replaced by two VForm hydrofoil boxes.

Voith Paper,

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