Proton InteliSEnS mini Series offers laser speed/length measurement

Proton Products International, a British-based company with US operations in Lebanon Borough, NJ, is now offering its InteliSENS ® SL/SLR mini-series sensors, which it describes as the smallest fully-featured noncontact laser Doppler speed and length sensors on the market with a foot-print comparable to a smartphone.

The InteliSENS mini-series sensors are designed to replace cumbersome, inaccurate, highwear speed and length contacting encoders used in the web (and wire and cable) industries — that encounter slippage, wear and marking — with a laser Doppler gauge whose accuracy is better than ±0.05%.

The sensors provide both unidirectional and bidirectional speed measurement up to 5000 m/min with the SLR being able to measure from a standstill. With a measurement repeatability of ±0.02% and an accuracy of better than ±0.05%, it assures correct final product length delivery to the customer. In contrast, contacting encoders are often no better than ±2.0% accurate because of slippage, contact wheel dirt accumulation and electronic drift. Where the product acceleration exceeds 1000 m/min, the InteliSENS mini’s measurement update rate of 200 kHz makes it the fastest on the market, capable of delivering accurate, high-resolution measurement under rapidly changing process conditions, says Proton.

The InteliSENS mini’s embedded communications library includes standard protocols such as RS232, Ethernet TCP/IP and CANbus with PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Ethernet /IP and WIFI as options. This capability produces straightforward communications to instrumentation platforms with the ability to deliver large volumes of data for maintenance diagnostics, plus process analysis, reporting and archiving on plant-wide information platforms. The InteliSENS mini Series is 140 mmL x 105 mmW and 50 mmH, weighing just 1.1kg making it easy to install in tight process locations. An integrated display provides immediate on-line visual reference.

A range of integrated process interfaces is available for measurement and control purposes. Three programmable 24-Vdc digital inputs are available for length, speed, direction and pause functions. Two programmable 30-Vdc, 100-mA (max) digital outputs can be configured for measurement and pre-set length outputs (to a downstream cutter for example) with opto-isolated relays. Two pulse outputs are available plus a freely programmable quadrature output with a pulse rate up to 100 MHz There are also laser safety inputs and shutter status outputs (30V-dc/100-mA max) to optoisolated relays for alarm purposes.

Proton Products International Ltd.,

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