Komax Triple Action static mixer

Komax Systems, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA, says its motionless, Triple Action mixers feature very high mixing efficiency with short mixing length. They are designed for use where additives to the main pipeline flow have already been introduced upstream of the mixer.

The simple, three-step design allows the rapid choice of line size, number of mixing elements and pressure drop. Available from stock, mixers are supplied with two, three or four mixing elements. Materials of construction are carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, PVC and fiberglass. A unique flow-straightener built into each mixer eliminates downstream centrifugal effects. This allows sensing probes to be located directly downstream of the unit. The additive port on the “A” series mixers may be used for a threaded connection to a male pipe thread or converted to a flanged connection using a nipple and a threaded flange.

Custom configurations include multiple ports, different end fittings including grooved and plain ends, and different style mixing elements.

The Komax Triple Action mixer includes three distinct types of mixing.

Two-by-Two division: The mixers divide and re-divide the process stream with a series of elements set at right angles to each other. Each element doubles the number of previous divisions. Twenty elements produce over a million divisions and re-combinations.

Cross-Current mixing: Special cavities randomize the distribution of material by direct stream impingement. This enhances and optimizes the twoby-two division process to make it truly effective.

Counter-Rotating Vortices & Back-Mixing: Under turbulent flow, both sides of each Komax element produce elliptical vortices rotating in opposite directions. This eliminates the streaming or tunneling effects associated with early static mixer designs. In addition, an optimum degree of backmixing occurs as material is orbited in the vortex from the front to the back of an element before continuing downstream. This produces a substantial improvement in mixing efficiency.

Komax Systems, Inc. www.komax.com

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