Valmet on-line solution improves lime mud moisture measurement

Valmet has developed an on-line, non-contact sensor solution for measuring lime mud moisture. The sensor can be used to monitor lime mud filter performance on the conveyor belt to improve the mud quality. The solution is also applicable as a feed-forward measurement for lime kiln power control; more accurate power control can help to optimize energy consumption and gain energy savings.

“The problem with laboratory measurements is that samples are taken so seldom that measurement data cannot be used for power control. It is possible only with an online measurement,” says Timo Laurila, business manager, recovery analyzers and advanced process controls, automation, Valmet.

The system features an infrared sensor with a special optical design, resulting in excellent measurement accuracy. According to Valmet customers, its correlation with laboratory measurements has either been on a very high level or the lime mud moisture measurement is even more accurate. Lime mud filter operations can be seen immediately in the moisture measurement level. Moisture sensor cleaning is not needed, not even in a dusty environment. The measurement can also be used in lime filter maintenance planning.


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