PMP presents the Paper Surface Functionality concept

Jelenia Góra, Poland-based PMP says its Paper Surface Functionality (PSF) concept was developed to help paper mills to improve the useful properties of paper or board. Combinations of various layers of barrier chemicals, coating colors and starches can be applied in a purposeful and selected sequence on the paper or board surface and in controlled amounts.

PSF technology utilizes a special spraying application technology and has an advanced process design for feeding and re-circulating the flow of material to the surface treatment units.

PMP is developing the concept with Patrick Sundholm Oy. Pilot equipment is installed on a state-of-the-art pilot coater in the KCL research plant in Otaniemi, Finland. A cylindrical laboratory coater (CLC) enabling pre-trials has been installed by KCL.

The technology can be implemented as retrofits in existing paper machines or off-line coaters. The pilot is a platform for developing enhanced and new paper and board grades. The trials are run with the clients in strict confidence and under non-disclosure agreements.


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