FlexJet: GLV introduces new family of headboxes

GLV, Nashua, NH, has a new range of headboxes designed to deliver optimum performance for almost any grade of paper or board. The FlexJetTM range includes several different models of both hydraulic and roll headbox technology with both radial distributor and tapered header inlet options and a new wet-end applicator for micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) and other additives.

The model range includes:

FlexJet F – A hydraulic headbox offering maximum flexibility for low- to medium-speed machines, with a very wide L/b range to provide proven performance for multi-grade machine upgrades.

FlexJet R – A traditional roll-headbox, it gives dependable performance for slow-speed and specialty applications.

FlexJet C – A new applicator developed to apply MFC and other additives directly to the wet-end of the paper machine. This model features an applicator positioned on the fourdrinier with liquid dispersion of MFC forced out of a narrow slot onto the surface of the wet stock.

The FlexJet F, S and R models are all available with inlet configurations featuring a vertical entry radial distributor, a horizontal entry radial distributor or a traditional tapered header. All models, with any of the three inlet configurations, are available with automatic dilution profiling for precise CD profile control.

GLV, www.glv.com

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