Andritz pulp technology for Arauco expansion

Graz, Austria-based Andritz will supply Celulosa Arauco y Constitución SA with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly pulp production technologies and key process equipment for the modernization and extension of the Arauco pulp mill in Horcones, Arauco, Chile. The order is worth about €300 million; start-up is scheduled for 1Q21.

The scope of supply, on a full EPS (Engineering, Procurement, Supervision) basis includes a wood processing plant, a fibreline, a black liquor evaporation plant and a white liquor plant. (All capacities are in metric units.)

The wood processing plant has three debarking and chipping lines, one chipping line for forest-debarked wood, chip storage with stacker-reclaimer blending bed system, chip screening, bark handling with BioCrushers with HQ-Press bark presses. Eucalyptus is debarked at a rated capacity of 360 m3/h solid over bark per line using RotaBarker technology. The chipping process uses horizontally fed HHQ-Chippers, ensuring high capacity (400 m3/h solid under bark) without compromising chip quality. Included are SmartWoodyard products like the decision support information system, ChipperEKG and CrusherEKG condition monitoring systems and ScanChip chip quality analyzers.

• The 4700-adt/d bleached pulp fiberline includes Lo-Solids continuous cooking with TurboFeed chip feeding, brown stock washing with multi-stage DD-Washers, two-stage oxygen delignification followed by deknotting, screening and multi-stage DD-Washers. Bleaching is based on upflow reactor technology and washing is with DD-Washers after every stage. The aim is low chemical consumption, highquality pulp and low.

• The 1750-t/h energy-efficient black liquor evaporation plant will have a 7+ Effects heat economy system and concentrate black liquor to high dry-solids content of 80% for efficient combustion in the recovery boiler. The plant has the latest Andritz innovations in secondary condensate quality enhancement for 100% re-use in other parts of the mill. Also included are a tank area and methanol liquefaction system. Andritz’s lamella technology and unique process for scaling control reduces washing needs, ensuring both minimum plugging of heat surfaces and good cleanability.

• The white liquor plant includes: LimeGreen filters for clean green liquor and to minimize waste to landfill; white liquor filtration with LimeWhite filter to maximize white liquor quality; efficient lime mud filtration with two LimeDry filters providing high drysolids content and low residual alkaline. The recaustizicing plant’s capacity is 15 300 m3/d. The delivery also includes two 700-t/d lime kilns with low heat consumption and low emissions to meet Arauco’s tight emission permits.

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