Smart monitoring system for rolls with countroll tag

Belgium’s Hannecard supplies industrial roll covers in rubber, polyurethane, composite and carbide to the pulp and paper and other sectors. Hannecard also offers services for roll maintenance, repair and optimization.

Hannecard uses smart monitoring systems to track roll performance using the countroll® tag, a microchip that allows users to get all the information needed about their rolls and roll covers with a smartphone.

The tag is fixed on the roll axle or the flange and scanned with the countroll application to get the unique identification of the roll and cover. This identification provides immediate access to all the roll data including basic label data, technical data sheet, inspection reports and technical drawings.

The tag also allows the countroll application to build up a roll’s history such as production, recovering, regrinding, mechanical repair and storage.

The countroll tag is easy to install and has no effect on the roll’s mechanical performance.


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