On-line particle detector from Parker is a costeffective maintenance solution

The icountPD on-line particle detector from Parker is a permanently-mounted, laser-detection, solid-particle counter for monitoring equipment conditions.

It is designed to display and communicate data in ISO4406/NAS1638 and Relative Humidity. Recommended applications for the icountPD include mobile equipment in pulp and paper, forestry and other industrial situations.

There are three versions of the detector: the standard design, built for test stands, filter carts, flushing skids, and similar uses; the icountPDR, for mobile equipment and use in non-hazardous outdoor conditions; the icountPDZ, designed for offshore platforms and other potentially dangerous applications.

Other features of the icountPD include: independent monitoring of trends in system contamination; early warning digital or LED display indicators for various levels of contamination; visual indicators with power and alarm output warnings; self-diagnostic software; hydraulic, phosphate ester and fuel fluid compatible construction. There is an optional moisture percentage RH LED indicator.

The fully integrated PC/PLC technology includes RS232 and 0-5-Vt, 4-20- mA, and CANBUS J1939.

Parker, www.parker.com

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