Loctite offers new sealing solutions

Henkel Canada’s Loctite 518 pen and NS 5540 and NS 5550 compounds are new sealing solutions for use in high demand environments.

518 applicator pen. Cut gaskets leak, they tear, they relax says Henkel. They can’t fill all the voids and surface imperfections unlike liquid gaskets from Loctite which are designed to fill all gaps with total surface coverage every time. Unlike cut gaskets, every shape and size needed is always on hand.

The new Loctite 518 applicator pen is a fast, easy way to apply liquid gaskets. It forms a flexible, high-strength, chemically-resistant seal that fills all voids and will not tear, break, distort or decay.

The 518 pen can be used on rigid iron, aluminum and steel flanged mating surfaces including surfaces with minor contamination. It combines the leak-fighting properties of 518 flange sealant with a roll-on applicator that makes applying a liquid flange sealant easier than ever with less waste and less mess. Loctite 518 also helps to reduce inventory because one package will do for any size or shape gasket.

Liquid sealants NS 5540, NS5550 take the heat. The new LOCTITE NS 5540 and NS 5550 are thermally activated sealing compounds specifically designed for use in high-temperature/high-pressure environments. They cure in the presence of heat to form a mechanical seal on metal-tometal flanges and fittings. They are also designed to allow for disassembly for future maintenance and repairs.

Suitable for high-pressure steam applications, NS 5540 brushable liquid can seal flanges carrying up to 2900 psi (200 bar) steam at temperatures up to 1300°F (700°C). NS 5550 is a fibrous paste sealant designed for temperatures up to 1500°F (815°C) and high-pressure applications up to 5000 psi (340 bar).

The chemically-resistant sealants are suitable for sealing steam, hydrocarbons, gases and other process fluids in highpressure, high-temperature environments. They can be used on turbine split casings, pump casings, boilers, steam traps, ductwork, stacks, heat exchangers and exhaust systems, typically found in pulp and paper mills power generation facilities, mines and oil and gas refineries.

Henkel Canada Corp., www.henkel-northamerica.com

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