Cellwood to upgrade deinking line at Colombiana Tissue

Colombiana Tissue SAS has awarded Cellwood Machinery AB with the contract to install a Krima hot dispersion system (HDS) at its Palmira, Colombia mill. The system will be installed to improve over-all quality and lower raw material costs.

Cellwood, based in Nässjö, Sweden, says the HDS offers flexibility and optional features such as in-line bleaching. The key feature of hot dispersing is treatment with high temperature at high pulp consistency. This leads to advantages such as improved fiber properties, less bacteria and softening of dirt and tacky contaminants for more efficient dispersing. Retention time is two minutes at up to 120°C (248°F).

Colombiana makes and distributes products such as hygienic paper, paper towel, kitchen towel and napkins, both for institutional and personal care. The delivery will take place in early 2019.


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