Valmet OCC, containerboard lines for Mondi SCP Ružomberok

Finland’s Valmet will supply old corrugated container and OptiConcept M containerboard-making lines with a winder for Mondi SCP’s mill in Ružomberok, Slovakia. The start-up of PM 19 is expected towards the end of 2020.

PM 19 and Valmet’s automation solutions will be designed to produce a new, environmentally-sound containerboard grade, kraft top white, which combines the strength, printability and appearance benefits of a white, virgin-fiber top-layer with the economic advantages of a recycled fiber bottom layer.

The stock-prep line will include a hardwood stock line, a save-all and broke system, an approach flow system and a complete OCC line. The OCC line, which is called an OptiRefiber recycled fiber line, contains pulper feeding and vertical pulper systems, high- and low-consistency (HC and LC) cleaning systems and coarse and fine screening systems with fractionation, thickening disc filters for short- and long-fiber lines and a long-fiber dispersion system.

Included in the delivery will be an OptiConcept M containerboard machine from headbox to reel followed by an OptiWin Drum two-drum winder. The winder will be equipped with Dual Unwind giving even higher capacity due to a one-minute parent roll change. Also included are an OptiAir high-humidity hood and other related air and ventilation systems, a surface starch preparation system and supply system for sizer.

Valmet automation includes an IQ quality management system with web monitoring and inspection systems, a DNA automation system for process and machine controls, Valmet RM3 retention measurement and WEM wet end analyzers. The delivery also includes Valmet process controls with strength-property optimization and Valmet Performance Center on-demand expert support for solving any process or automation related issues.

Ružomberok, one of Mondi’s largest mills, is the biggest integrated pulp and paper mill in Slovakia. Products include containerboard, specialty kraft paper, market pulp and uncoated fine paper. The mill is 100% energy self-sufficient with over 94% of its energy coming from renewable resources.

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