Graphic Packaging wins PPC Folding Carton of the Year Award

Graphic Packaging International (GPI), Atlanta, GA, won the Folding Carton of the Year award at the 2018 Paperboard Packaging Council’s carton competition, held October 25 in Atlanta, GA.

GPI’s distinctive gable top carton design for Kellogg’s EXTRA Creations range of cereals features a unique, premium shape, rich graphics and gold foil stamping. Spot highgloss coating and embossing on the ingredients panel communicate the quality of the product. Additionally, the shape and structural design of the carton improve shelf-stability compared to traditional rectangular cereal cartons.

GPI also won 16 Excellence awards and seven Gold awards, including designs for Heineken’s 18-bottle CoolerPack, Kellogg’s Advent Calendar sleeve, LoneRider Brewing’s six-can wrap, Kellogg’s SuperMario Interactive NFC Amiibo carton, McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Tenders carton, and ConAgra’s Wicked Kitchen Mac & Cheese and Hand Pies microwaveable packages.

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