Sappi Verve is a sustainable dissolving wood pulp

South Africa-based Sappi has launched its Verve dissolving wood pulp (DWP) brand. The company says that demand for DWP continues to grow as consumer preference increases for products made from renewable, sustainably sourced and processed wood fibre.

Sappi produces close to 1.4 Mt/y of DWP, a 16% share of that market. Most DWP is used in the viscose industry where it is converted to yarn and ultimately to textiles providing naturally soft, breathable fabrics which are smooth to the touch, hold color well and drape beautifully. DWP cellulosic fibre is also used for many household, industrial and pharmaceutical applications including tablets, personal hygiene, cellophane, washing sponges and more.

In the past, Sappi’s DWP was unbranded and industry generic names were used as product names. The company says this did not reflect the specific benefits which have differentiated Sappi’s DWP and the new Verve brand creates a very specific identity within the DWP market.

Sappi Ltd.,

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