FloWing: New disc filter sectors from Voith

Heidenheim, Germany-based Voith says that 20 years ago, it launched its first disc filter sectors that operated entirely without filter bags and substantially improved machine availability. To mark the anniversary of the BaglessPlus system, Voith offers FloWing filter sectors which, thanks to a unique wing design, have a 56% larger surface than conventional systems.

Compared with BaglessPlus discs, the surface has increased by some 30%. Depending on raw material quality, there is therefore an increase in throughput of 20 to 30%. FloWing disc filter sectors are even stronger at critical positions and therefore allow for longer service lives than the previous BaglessPlus sectors.

In July 2018, the first FloWing filter discs were installed in a European testliner facility. The mill noted that “Since start-up, we have had no more capacity problems, even in the event of high tonnage at the PM.”

Thanks to optional adjustments, FloWing filter discs, like all Voith products from the BaglessPlus family, can be used in existing disc filters, including those from other manufacturers.

Voith www.voith.com

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