Watson-Marlow Qdos pumps offer accuracy, low maintenance

Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Wilmington, MA, says its Qdos chemical metering pumps deliver flow rates that remain constant up to 7bar, giving users a unique advantage over diaphragm metering pumps.

Features and benefits include:

• long maintenance intervals, reducing process downtime and cost of ownership
• lower chemical cost through higher accuracy metering
• simple drop-in installation without ancillary equipment
• reduced maintenance with single, no-tools, component replacement
• flow rates from 0.1 to 2000 mL/min at up to 7bar.

The company says that a diaphragm metering pump often requires a range of high-maintenance ancillary items to function which the Qdos pump does not need to ensure accurate, linear, repeatable metering across all process conditions. There are no backpressure valves, no pulsation dampener, no degassing valves, no foot valves and strainers, and no float switches.

Watson-Marlow says that the ReNu peristaltic pump-head technology is at the core of the Qdos pump. The pumphead is designed to deliver accurate, repeatable flow for fluids of wide ranging viscosities. Process uptime is maximized by quick, safe and easy pump-head removal and replacement, with no need for tools, specialist training or maintenance technicians. The contained pump-head design has integral leak detection to reduce waste and eliminate operators’ exposure to chemicals.

Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group, www.watson-marlow.com/us-en

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