Andritz Universal Shredder FRP for Hilmer Andersson, Sweden

Graz, Austria-based Andritz will supply a Universal Shredder FRP to Hilmer Andersson’s saw mill in Lässerud, Sweden to process wood waste and off-cuts for use as biomass for heat generation.

The well-proven single-shaft shredder, model FRP2500X, processes the material in one step to the required granulate size of 60 mm and even cuts huge logs into manageable pieces.

A pendulum pusher keeps incoming wood in the large inlet hopper to avoid material extraction and also feeds the material properly into the continuous cutting rotor which is equipped with an innovative knife system.

The slowly rotating shredder can also accommodate a wide range of bulky materials such as plastics, textiles, household/industrial waste and rejects. Andritz says the FRP is energy-efficient, operates at a low noise level and is designed to minimize the amount of dust generated.


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