Andritz offers bromine-enhanced mercury oxidation for emission reduction

Graz, Austria-based Andritz has signed an agreement with Vosteen Consulting, Cologne, Germany, for exclusive sale of mercury reduction technologies to be used in fossil fuel-based power plants in Europe.

Based on the so-called BREF (Best Available Techniques Reference Document) regulations of the European Union, harmful emissions (e.g. nitrogen oxide, mercury, etc.) from fossil fuel-based power plants must be reduced as from 2021. As a consequence, many European power plants now have to be upgraded in order to comply with this new regulation.

As a leading supplier of flue gas cleaning technologies, Andritz is now able to offer its customers tailor-made, highly economically attractive technologies to fulfill the required mercury emission limits.

Andritz and Vosteen have been partners in the field of mercury control and reduction since 2009 and several product innovations in emission reduction have resulted from this co-operation.


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