Howe Sound improves bleach plant gas emissions

Richmond, BC-based Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corp. (HSPP) started its 10- day, $12-million annual maintenance shutdown on September 10. The Port Mellon, BC, site will see the mill’s workforce bolstered with an additional 650 contractors. As well, HSPP has hired about 25 local residents, in addition to the regular complement of people, to support work during the shutdown.

Key areas this year include maintenance on the blue scrubber and Turbo- Tak systems which will improve gas emissions out of the bleach plant. Tradesmen will also inspect the bleach mix effluent tank structure as well as conducting any necessary repairs to the tank’s vent stack shower nozzles. This investigative work will help HSPP develop a plan to further improve emissions from the tank.

Water work will include a full mill water and steam outage in order to address equipment that typically sees 24/7 operation. During the outage, critical piping to the pump house will be upgraded to ensure delivery of water to HSPP. This work is part of a multi-stage project around the water system.

Paper Excellence, owner of Howe Sound Pulp & Paper, manufactures NBSK pulp for the paper industry and BCTMP for printing, board and packaging. Over 90% of PEC’s products are exported to Asia.

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