BC companies collaborate to create accurate forest inventories at lower cost: Win FPInnovations - Foresight Challenge

In September, Foresight, Burnaby, BC, and FPInnovations, Montreal, QC, announced that Object Raku Technology, with its project partner Forsite Consultants Ltd., has been selected as the winner of the FPInnovations - Foresight Challenge (formerly the ARCTIC Innovation Challenge).

The companies have been awarded a $200,000 contract to further advance technologies and techniques for rapidly producing more accurate and more detailed LiDAR-based forest inventories.

The partners will develop and test a new hybrid LiDAR approach that uses area-based and individual tree-based LiDAR inventories. When combined with traditional survey plot and terrestrial LiDAR data, this information will accurately identify tree species, stem counts and diameters, leading to a much better understanding of the ecological and economic value of forests.

The results of the field trial will include reference data, methodologies and sample inventories. It is anticipated that the new methodologies will lead to better resource management and efficiencies for companies operating in the sector and for the public.

Object Raku Technology is a software development and analytics firm specializing in complex geospatial architectures and 3D spatial analysis. It supplies software and services to an international client base in aerospace, defence and forestry.

Forsite offers natural resource management and development services to government and industry clients.

Object Raku, Technology Inc., www.objectraku.com
Forsite Consultants Ltd., www.foresite.ca
Foresight, www.foresightcac.com
FPInnovations, www.fpinnovations.ca

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