Zanders converting power plant to gas

Bergisch Gladbach, Germany-based Zanders GmbH, a manufacturer of high quality specialty papers and cartonboard, is converting its on site power plant from hard coal to natural gas in a €7-million modernization project. The conversion is part of Zanders’ investment program for sustainable increases in efficiency.

As with a gas grill, which heats and cools down much faster than a coal grill, a gas-fired power plant enables rapid changes of load. This means starting and stopping the paper machines will be more flexible and efficient, and service life will be extended. In addition, there will no longer be the cost of removing ash and over-all cleaning will be easier.

Zanders expects a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions. The conversion of two boilers has mostly been completed and the third is being prepared for conversion, which should take about a year.

Other steps Zanders intends to take to increase energy and cost efficiency include the gradual installation of new LED lighting throughout the plant, insulation of the steam pipes and optimization of the compressed air system.

Zanders GmbH,

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