Cascades picks Toscotec for dryer upgrades

Toscotec has won contracts to provide dryer upgrades at Cascades Packaging’s mills in Kingsey Falls and Cabano, QC. Toscotec will also provide supervision, commissioning and startup assistance.

• The major rebuild of the PM1 dryer section of PM1 at Kingsey Falls will achieve an 8% production increase. This substantial upgrade will not increase either the over-all length of the dryer section or the crossdirection width of the dryers’ frame. Toscotec says its TTSteelDryer allows better performance in terms of specific evaporation rate thanks to its reduced shell thickness. The shorter taper length lets the TTSteelDryer dry a wider sheet with the same space requirements as a traditional dryer section, says the company.

The order includes TTSteelDryers designed for an operating steam pressure of 14 barg, as well as doctors, a wire tensioning system and guiding and sheet stabilizing components. Delivery was forecast for the end of August 2018.

• At Cabano, Toscotec will supply seven TTSteelDryers for the first dryer section specifically designed for an operating steam pressure of up to 11 barg. The steel drying cylinders will allow increased production and an increase in sheet width at the beginning of the dryer section.

Toscotec says that thanks to their reduced shell thickness, TTSteelDryers feature a higher heat transfer rate compared with cast iron dryers. Since the thermal conductivity of steel and cast iron is similar in the range of operating temperatures, steel dryers with thinner shells offer a higher drying capacity. Delivery is expected for mid- November 2018.

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