Mack grapples help clean out hydrapulpers

Mack Manufacturing, Mobile, AL, notes that as the pulp and paper industry has adopted and increasingly incorporated recycled material into the manufacturing process, the large hydrapulper tubs used to draw out the pulp are often left with plastic, metal and other disabling trash.

Mack says that its pulper grapples offer complete, efficient and safe removal of that trash. The specially-designed grapples are available with either wide or narrow tines to best handle the variety and composition of waste at a particular paper mill or recycling plant. This trash can differ greatly depending on the industrial or even geographical source of the recycled material.

With their four-tine orange-peel configurations, the smaller pulper grapples are similar in function and design to Mack’s scrap grapples but are built for a specific application. They are most often operated by compact overhead gantries or cranes. Once the pulp is removed, the overhead lifting equipment drops the pulper grapple down into the bottom of the tank. A small, sturdy hydraulic cylinder in the middle of the grapple opens all four tines to pick and grab the plastic, steel and other waste material left behind.

For paper mills balancing assorted material sources with tight production schedules, the hydraulic pulper grapple will keep the recycling process up and running without risk to humans who otherwise would be required to physically clean out the hydrapulper tubs.

Mack Manufacturing,

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