Imerys Steaplus Prime offers environmentfriendly minerals for barrier coatings

Imerys Performance Additives Division says it has worked closely with leading brand owners and packaging converters to develop Steaplus® Prime, a natural mineral base for water-based barrier coatings for the food and nonfood segments of the fiber-based packaging industry.

Easily recyclable, Steaplus Primebased coatings provide an environmentfriendly alternative to wax, fluorochemical and petrochemical based polymer coatings.

Imerys says Steaplus Prime is ideal for: moisture vapor barrier coatings; oil and grease barrier coatings; water barrier coatings; mineral oil barrier coatings. It is printable, repulpable, recyclable and FDA and BfR compliant for direct food contact.

The coatings grades can be fine-tuned to match specific requirements by finding the optimum combination needed in terms of: oleophobicity; hydrophobicity; moisture vapor resistance; printability; stiffness; opacity; machine runnability; cost-effectiveness.

Steaplus Prime-based coatings can be applied using on- or off-line dispersion coating techniques, or on a printing press. They are adapted for various grades of fiber-based substrates including carton, corrugated or flexible paper.

Current uses are in packaging segments such as fast food, bakery, confectionery, cosmetics, medicines, electronics and paper sacks.

Imerys Group,

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