GL&V DualXcluder screen protects equipment from contaminants

GL&V say its DualXcluder screen protects downstream refiners, cleaners and other equipment from damage caused by baling wire, metals, tiles and other heavy contaminants in recycled and virgin pulp applications.

The DualXcluder is a barrier screen designed for the efficient removal of contaminants larger than its screen cylinder apertures which can be slots as small as 1.5 mm or holes as small as 3 mm, depending on the application. The machine is intended to replace traditional high-density cleaners, magnetic traps and trash screens. It operates with very low energy consumption, says the company.

The separator can operate at up to 6% OD consistency and is available in four sizes depending on the stock type, flow volume and screen aperture.

The pulp flow enters the machine tangentially and passes through the screen cylinder from outside in. Rejects unable to pass through the openings are separated into a trap supplied with the unit and which is emptied automatically on a timed cycle.

Dilution is introduced into the rejects trap to minimize good fibre loss. Accepted stock exits the machine axially from inside the screen cylinder.

The DualXcluder is compact, easy to install and operate, and offers reduced maintenance costs.


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