SCA develops a sustainable sizing additive to produce water-resistant paper

SWEDEN’S SCA REPORTS THAT IT HAS DEVELoped an innovative sizing additive to improve the production of water-resistant, hydrophobic paper. The additive can be produced in a green sustainable manner.

The development work continues and no decisions have been made regarding commercialization.

SCA says that the product could replace commercial sizing agents in paper production. The resulting paper exhibits improved water resistance and UV-light stability.

The product comprises a blend of depolymerized lignin and cationic polysaccharide which is added to a lignocellulosic pulp suspension containing aluminum salt at the wet end of the paper machine.

Since the depolymerized lignin can be produced from pulp mill by-products the resulting product is sustainable and cost effective.

The development work has been a collaboration between SCA R&D Centre and the kraftliner business.


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